Touch GIS is available free to qualified individuals on the GEOINT App Store

Touch GIS is available at no cost from the NGA's GEOINT App Store for US Federal Employees, including but not limited to military personnel, USGS, FWS, FS, BLM, USDA, NPS, DNR, and EPA employees.

Already have a GEOINT Account?

Anyone with a valid GEOINT account using federal credentials such as Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity Verififcation (PIV) may create an account on the GEOAxIS site. If you already have access to the GEOINT App Store you can download the app and start using it today!

Download Touch GIS Now

How to Get Access To The GEOINT App Store

1) Setup a GEOAxIS Account

Visit GEOAxIS website on a CAC/PIV enabled device.
Choose the PKI Certificate as the authentication method.

Select Users > Disadvantaged User and complete the requested information to create your account.

2) Login to GEOINT App Store

Sign in to the GEOINT App Store.
For the best experience, Download the GEOINT App Store application.

You will need to enable the DoD's profile on your device by navigating to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management > U.S. Department of Defense. Select the option to "Trust..." and return to the GEOINT App Store application.

3) Download Touch GIS

Tap iOS Applications in the GEOINT App Store. Search for Touch GIS, download the application and launch. That's it!

Note: GEOINT users are not required to setup an account in Touch GIS. Simply install via the GEOINT App Store and start collecting data.

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