Field data collection and GPS mapping for iPhone & iPad

Packed with simple yet powerful features to give you confidence in the field.
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Data Collection In The Mobile Era

Stop wasting precious field time with complicated software.

Powerful mobile devices are transforming how we work in the field. Touch GIS takes full advantage of the device you already have in your pocket, making field data collection faster and easier than ever. Save time without sacrificing capability.

Every license includes these amazing benefits.

The Most Accurate Drawing Tools

Draw points, lines, and polygons accurately with a variety of drawing methods. Use GPS, draw features manually, or use a stylus. You can even edit the geometry of imported features.

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Amazing Map Performance

Experience unbeatable map performance. Collect thousands of features per project without sacrificing performance or stability. Choose from a varitey of base maps to help visualize your data.

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Complete Offline Workflow

Collect field data even without a WIFI or cellular data connection. Cache map tiles before you go and don’t worry about being in range. Easily manage multiple cache regions for multiple projects.

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Custom Feature Classes Tailored To You

No need to rely on a GIS technician. Create, edit, and manage feature classes on your device in the field. Create attribute forms to streamline your data collection. Make small adjustments as needed - it's easy with TouchGIS.

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Simple Import & Export

Touch GIS supports a variety of import and export formats for easy sharing and  integration with desktop software. Enjoy support for Shapefiles, GeoJSON, KMZ/KML, GPX, and more.

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Easily Manage Multiple Projects

Manage multiple projects in Touch GIS simply and eliminate hours of pre-GIS processing time. Flexible, on-device project management puts you in control of your workflow.

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Unlock all the benefits of Touch GIS with a simple, no-nonsense license.
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Join thousands of professionals simplifying their field work with Touch GIS.

"Touch GIS is extraordinary. It has no equal."
“Creating attribute tables is a breeze - very intuitive.”
“The app is very powerful. A must have.”
Why choose Touch GIS?

We know your field work is important.

You have an important job to do. Traditional GPS mapping systems require expensive hardware and come with overly complicated software. We want to empower you to do your best work, and that starts with confidence in your field tools. We're dedicated to developing the best data collection experience for you. That means an all-in-one app with the features you need, without the clunky interface and complicated licensing.

Features & Capabilities


• Points
• Lines
• Polygons
• Create On The Fly
• Customize
• Manage Attributes
• Share Datasets


• Description
• List of Values
• Date & Time
• Checkbox
• Address
• Number
• Website
• Phone Number


• Manual Placement
• GPS Tracking
• Free Draw
• Edit Position
• Add Attributes


• Street
• Outdoor
• Satellite
• Hybrid
• Custom URLs
• Offline Support


• Distance Filter
• Time Filter
• Accuracy Filter
• Ultra Accuracy
• Compass




• Meters
• Yards
• Feet
• Acres
• Hectares
• Nautical Miles


• Shapefile
• CSV (export)

Sample Workflow

1) Start a Project

From the Project Manager you can create a new project from scratch or import existing data to begin.

2) Cache Maps if Necessary

This will ensure that you have the map tiles you need. This ensures you have a base map in data dead zones.

3) Select Feature Classes

Choose an existing Feature Class Dataset or create custom point, line, and polygon classes.

4) Collect Data

Use Touch GIS’s simple drawing methods to add points, line, and polygons to your project and input attributes.

5) Export & Share Data

Export data in a variety formats. Share with colleagues, clients, or export for desktop processing if necessary.


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Getting started is simple.

1. Get the app

Install Touch GIS on your iPhone or iPad. There is no cost to install the app on your device.

2. Create your account

Create your account and start collecting field data - no subscription required to start!

3. Purchase a subscription

Purchase a subscription to unlock the ability to export data and cache map offline. tiles.